Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Groovebook and FREE Code!

I recently discovered the greatest app ever! It's called Groovebook! Have any of you heard of it before?

Groovebook is a free app with a monthly subscription (that can be canceled at any time). It prints 40-100 photos directly from your phone's camera roll and mails them to you. And the best part is the book is FREE! All you have to pay is $2.99 for shipping/handling. How crazy is that?! Less than 3 bucks for 100 prints! That's less than the price of a coffee at Starbucks!

The photos come printed in a book and have perforated pages so you can tear them out and use them for anything.

Groovebook is great for easily printing all of those Instagram pictures you'd always wished you could have hard copies of. I've been printing my photos from my study abroad experience this spring. The sizes are perfect to put in a scrapbook.

If you use the code TORRE4 you can get your first month's Groovebook free! No shipping no handling!
What are you waiting for?! Download Groovebook today!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Being in London taught me to stop taking advantage of life and to get out and live more. Why waste days doing nothing when there is so much to see and explore outside of the house. I am no longer taking advantage of Long Island and New York City.

I created a summer bucket list to help my live my life to the fullest this summer!

What's on your summer bucket list?
Got any more ideas for me?

Friday, June 21, 2013

BlogLovin' Shmoglovin'

I've sure you've all heard by now that Google Reader will be kaput after June 30th.

This means you'll loose all of the blogs you follow. But lucky for all of us we can easily import our feed to Bloglovin with only the click of a few buttons.

Click on the link below and you can begin transferring over your feed now!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good News!

Guess what everyone! You know how in my last post I was whining about not having a job or money to do anything or gas to go anywhere?

Well no more whining for me! I got a job yesterday! This summer I will be lifeguarding. This will be my first real "summer job". For the past couple of summers I've interned in the city so I skipped all of those fun outdoor summer jobs that most high school and college kids experience.

It'll be nice to spend my last summer before graduation outside and not in an office. What are all y'all summer plans? Any cool summer jobs?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wineries, Golf, and Sun :)

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a great Father's Day. I know I did.  

Last week I had a somewhat eventful weekend compared to my the rest of my days since I returned from across the pond.

My days at home have consisted of One Tree Hill and job searching. I don't have any money so I don't even like to go out and waste gas until I get a job. My family thinks I've been a lazy a** and don't understand my method of preserving the few dollars I still have to my name. I've had a bunch of interviews this past week so fingers crossed that something comes my way soon cause I could use some fun adventures. 

Sorry about my tangent, back to the original point of this post. Last weekend my dad did some fun things so I took advantage of this to tag along. My sister had to go out east (for you non Long Islanders, out east means the east end of Long Island and usually the north fork) for her summer camp orientation and the rest of us decided to spend a gorgeous day driving around the beautiful north fork.

We saw a bunch of dream houses and went antiquing in Greenport. Boy wouldn't I love a house out there on the water. I'll just buy one with my next pay check, nbd. We stopped for some clams and wine at Claudio's, a Greenport favorite. After we went to one of the many wineries in the area for some live music and good wine :)

Before we picked my sister back up we stopped at a goat farm to pick up some fresh goat cheese. The farm had an unofficial petting zoo. We made friends with all of the baby goats and a pony. They also let the public watch the goats getting milked. This was no one person sitting on a bucket slowing milking each goat. They had an efficient system going and only need one farmer to milk EIGHT goats at a time! Pretty impressive. I really have no idea why I was so interested in the goat milking...weird, I know.

By then Kiersten's orientation was over and we headed back west to pick up my grandma and get sushi for dinner. 

The next day we lucked out with another beautiful day. We spent Sunday washing all the cars and then headed to the driving range. I knew I didn't golf for a reason. I was not very good at it.

All in all it was a great weekend with great people and a nice break from Netflix and job hunting.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Under Construction

I've decided to totally reconstruct my blog. New look and possibly new name (not too sure about that one).

Since I spent every last penny of mine over in London I am in no position to hire a designer for my new design. I decided to look in house and I am going to use what little photoshop skills I have, and with the help of the Internet, design my own blog. Fingers crossed it all works out.

With that said please bare with me over the next few weeks while my blog is getting a makeover.