Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'd Rather...

Well hello there! Long time no write.

I know it seems as if I've abandoned you but I just been so in love with London I'm so behind in everything, school work, blogging, sending post card and keeping in touch with everyone back home. Everything in England is amazing and I have so much to fill you in on but that's for another post!

For one of my classes (in England they're called modules) I had to see the play version of Woman in Black. That's right, the girl who's afraid of The Wizard of Oz had to sit and watch the staged version of Daniel Radcliffe's horror movie for 2 hours!

When were purchased our tickets we made the box office manager aware that we are terrified to see this show and are only doing so because our modules requires it of us. And what did this considerate man do? He put us in the third row. THE THIRD FRICKEN ROW!

While watching this play I was thinking of everything I'd rather be doing that watching the play. Here is what I came up with:

1. Stand naked in the freezing cold New York temperature.
2. Be Rex Ryan.
3. Watch paint dry.
4. Spend a night in the desert, without a camel.
5. Talk about the laws of physics for hours.
6. Shave my head.
8. Eat everything on Fear Factor.
9. Walk the plank.
10. Be under the Cruciatus Curse.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 on Tuesday!

Its about a week and a half into my time here in the ole' UK. I decided that doing 10 on Tuesdays would be a good way to keep y'all involved in my journey abroad!

1. I'm in love! With London that is! What an amazing city this is. I just love exploring and seeing all there is to see.

2. I'm saw Phantom of the Opera tonight! It was an amazing experience to see this amazing production in the theatre where it all started 26 years ago.

3. I started my classes this week! I've only had one so far. It is about London during the Victorian times. So far I'm loving it! Tomorrow I have a class that's all about photography and London.

4. My sister gets here Thursday! I cannot wait until she gets here and I can show her around!

5. We found this great bar called O'Neills last weekend. We call it a plub because it's kind of a mix of a pub and a club. The had a live band and great music!

6. Bokwa Have anyone you heard of bokwa before? It's a fitness dance, similar to Zumba, except its like African Tribal Dancing. I took a class at my school yesterday and it was tons of fun and a good workout!

7. I'm also in love with cider. I have found a new favorite drink. It's so good. 

8. I'm going to Bath & Stonehenge this weekend! Should be good fun :)

9. I may or may not have bought a spinning plate at Camden Market the other day. Yeah I'm talking about those plates from the Circus Unit in elementary P.E.

10. I started watching Girls! I don't know why I never watched it before, its so good! Did you know that Marnie is Brian Williams daughter? Crazy, right?


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

London Calling!

Cheers everyone!

"Cheers" that seems to be a popular word here in the ole' UK. Definitely gonna take sometime getting used to that one.

Well I've finally arrived here in London! After a miserable red eye here (my flight actually wasn't miserable, I just think all red eyes are miserable). I arrived at my dorm, met my roommate, and about a million other people who all happen to be from Chicago - well maybe not all one million of them, but most.

On the first day we had to go out and buy bedding. Have any of you heard of Primark before? It's like Target with an H&M style with even cheaper prices! Cray cray, I know! I will most definitely be heading back there to check out the clothes.

The first night our entire dorm went on one huge pub crawl! I was able to meet so many people and get to see where the best bars in London are. Oh, did I mention that I am legal drinking age here? So crazy and weird and exciting all at the same time!

The next two days were spent at orientation. The first day we got a walking tour of central/west London and ended the tour at a pub we're we had our first taste of British food: Sunday Roast. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it. It's is pretty much a pot roast with potatoes, vegetables, and some kind of pastry.

I've been using every spare chance I've gotten to just explore the city that is my new home for the next five months. Today we went to the National Gallery. Some of the paintings were just breathtaking. It was unreal to stand a foot away from Van gogh's Sunflowers. We walked to there so it was a blast just seeing the city and getting lost.

Afterwards we walked around Covent Gardens which is such a cute place to shop. There's markets, little boutiques, restaurants, and performers. We came across this really funny magician. All of the street performers in London are extremely different than the ones in the U.S. They're all actual acts and people with talent. They really entice their audience and in return the people here are much more generous with throwing a little something their way.

Here are some photos from my recent explorations, enjoy!

Me in Trafalgar Square!

Carnaby Street

The National Gallery

Trafalgar Square

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Photos

Hey y'all! Long time, no see!

The holidays have been great but bussseeey! I've gotten some great gifts from my family and friends. Unfortunately my healthy lifestyle has been thrown out the window temporarily. There's been so much eating out and celebrating with family. It doesn't help that I'm leaving on Friday for London and everyone in my family wants to take me out to eat before I leave. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!

My blog will also be changing a lot in the near future. Since in leave in three days to move across the pond to London for five months, the focus of my blog will change to my experience with the royals. I'll make sure you will all be the first to know when Prince Harry proposes to me and of course I'll have all the inside info on my new royal niece or nephew.

Haha! Obviously the above is just in my mind, but wouldn't that be nice?

Well onto my post and my pictures to reflect back on this past year.

January The girls club at dinner in the city before seeing Sister Act.

February My friends and I at the newspaper launch party.

March My sisters, dad, Emily's roommate, Tony Danza, and I at HeartShare's annual gala at the Marriott Marquee.

April Easter!

May The team after loosing to Wellesley College at the NCAA's at Middlebury College. What an amazing experience!

June First camping trip of the summer!
July My birthday dinner! Can you tell I was a happy camper?!

August Back to school!

September Me and some friends!

October Annie and Emily came to watch my match!

November Thanksgiving Jets game with Dad and Emily!

December Christmas morning with the Girl's Club!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and may all your resolutions come true!

Helene in Between