Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good weeks are the best (And Carabox reveal)

Have you ever had a week where everything good just seems to be happening to you? They only happen once in a blue moon, but when its does happen its like the stars are aligning and your just waiting for a Broadway ensemble to break out in song and let the whole world know that your having a great week. 

Ok, maybe I'm the only one who imagine that last part.

But anyways, this week was one of the bests.

It was International Education Week at my school and I won the international trivia and got a $25 visa gift card and I also won the international photo contest and got a $30 gift card to the campus store! If you know me you I love to win and I love free things so this made me really happy.

Just because I love to win doesn't mean I am a sore looser. I pride myself on my attitude and winning isn't everything so I never get too upset or show a lack of judgement over loosing. I consider myself a good sport so much so that this week it was also announced I was named on the Skyline Conference Fall All-Sports Sportsmanship Team. This was such an honor to me and meant even more to me than if I made the all conference team (which is for athletic ability). I believe attitude is everything so to have people recognize that I do always keep a positive attitude means so much.

Every communications senior in my school has to plan and execute a senior project (more to come in a future post) and we have to propose our project to all of the faculty in our division in a formal presentation. We started practicing for our oral proposals this week and I've been stressing and freaking out because public speaking is not even close to being on of my strong suits. I shocked myself when I got up to practice and it went better than I expected. On top of that my internship coordinator told me that my professor said my presentation was very professional. This makes me so much more relaxed about doing the real thing in a couple of weeks.

This has just been a really good even though I've been sick the entire week.

I've also received my Carabox this past week! I was partnered with Ileana at Sweet Reverie and Mandy at Through the Hanson Lens. It was such a blast getting to know both these girls. I loved how we got partnered with other bloggers in out age group this time.

Mandy sent me such a great box!  I love everything in it!

How cute is everything!?! She even included recipes for football Sundays, not to mention I've already worn this scarf at least five times and the candle is already halfway gone. I can't wait to fill up the photo album with photos.

Thank you Mandy for such a great Carabox!