Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 on Tuesday!

Its about a week and a half into my time here in the ole' UK. I decided that doing 10 on Tuesdays would be a good way to keep y'all involved in my journey abroad!

1. I'm in love! With London that is! What an amazing city this is. I just love exploring and seeing all there is to see.

2. I'm saw Phantom of the Opera tonight! It was an amazing experience to see this amazing production in the theatre where it all started 26 years ago.

3. I started my classes this week! I've only had one so far. It is about London during the Victorian times. So far I'm loving it! Tomorrow I have a class that's all about photography and London.

4. My sister gets here Thursday! I cannot wait until she gets here and I can show her around!

5. We found this great bar called O'Neills last weekend. We call it a plub because it's kind of a mix of a pub and a club. The had a live band and great music!

6. Bokwa Have anyone you heard of bokwa before? It's a fitness dance, similar to Zumba, except its like African Tribal Dancing. I took a class at my school yesterday and it was tons of fun and a good workout!

7. I'm also in love with cider. I have found a new favorite drink. It's so good. 

8. I'm going to Bath & Stonehenge this weekend! Should be good fun :)

9. I may or may not have bought a spinning plate at Camden Market the other day. Yeah I'm talking about those plates from the Circus Unit in elementary P.E.

10. I started watching Girls! I don't know why I never watched it before, its so good! Did you know that Marnie is Brian Williams daughter? Crazy, right?


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