Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Commend You

I know that there are bloggers who blog for a living but I also know that there are a lot who work their 9-5 jobs and maintain a blog. 

This past week I worked at my Dad's office helping on some projects to make a little extra $ before I head to London in 13 days. All I have to say is I don't know you y'all do it. After working all day and sitting in traffic to get home blogging was the last thing on my mind. It seemed all I had time for was work and sleep. Forget blogging or exercising. 
I'm obviously going to have to figure this balance out when I graduate and start working. 
And forget about it when I have kids. You working mom bloggers out there get extra brownie points. 

To all of you out there that juggle all of this, I commend you.


  1. I totally agree! There are days where I am stressing to write something, and those are the worst because then I get writer's block. I suppose we do it as our release and hobby, right? Well, you will do great when you graduate! I am sure you will be blogging a long time:).

    I love your blog btw!


  2. man, i WISH i blogged for a living. but I do work and then blog, sometimes blog at work?! haha

  3. I mainly blog at work and then do my edits at home since my company's browser doesn't allow for the updated version of Blogger. There's a lot of down time in my position. I know I'll lose that when I find a new job.

  4. I'm a full timer worker bee and a casual blogger. I'd say it is a lot of work but there's so many cool bloggers that I get energized. Just find a good balance that works for you. :) Esther Norine Designs

  5. I'm a full time student and have a 9-5 job at a country club! But I cheat and write my blogs at work a lot! Also I'm a huge procrastinator of school work so most of the time I use a blog post as an excuse!
    Plus I don't regularly so there's that! :) I'm sure you will figure out a good schedule for you! :)

  6. true true! i'm a student and get to set my schedule! not sure what I will do with a 9-6 job. so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!

    happy new year!


  7. I just blog...but it's not for a living or anything like that. I don't have/work a job and I don't go anywhere most days so I have a lot of free time. However, I DO have other things to do like cook food, clean house, and sew clothes...but blogging is the one thing I look forward to most each day! :) Two things I've found to be helpful for busy days when I will be gone are to pre-write and then schedule the posts to come out on the day I would usually publish them. And #2: always have a lot of draft posts! I have 96 right now.... Just keep working on ideas for different posts and then when you're really in a need you have several (or in my case, a LOT) to choose from to finish up and then post right away! :)

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