Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School

Sorry for my absence this past week. My life has been a little hectic with packing and moving back to school but now that I'm back in the swing of things I'll be back to blogin'.

I've had a great summer interning and I've learned way more than I could have ever imagined, but I'm happy to be back at school playing tennis, seeing my friends, and learning (I'm a nerd).

One of the things I love about school is my room. My roommate and I really lucked out when we landed this huge room last year. We've decorated our room very very similarly to last year but I do have a few new additions.

My side of the room!

My desk!

I made these quote plaques the night before I went to school. They're super easy to make and look great in my room. (Tutorial coming soon)

"Don't Give Up What You Want Most
 For What You Want Now"

"Where There's Tea There's Hope"
"A ship in port is safe but that's not what ships are built for"

For my dresser I painted a wooden box I got from the craft store to hold my lotions, sprays, deodarants, etc. I also got this cork board from Target to hang my necklaces on.

And my favorite dorm decoration: my new fish, Chuy!

What is your favorite dorm decor?

Have a happy Labor Day everybody!

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  1. love the title of your blog!!! following you from welcome wednsday!