Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Sandy is here and letting everyone know it! 
It is now my second day of no classes. Everyone else on my campus lost power but luckily my building still has power :) If I didn't have electricity I would probably be losing my mind. Thank god for the internet to entertain us during times of boredom! 
Well anyways, here is my currently :)

Current books: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (again), "The Casual Vacancy", and book one of the "Game of Throne
Current music: the Pitch Perfect soundtrack! It's so good! 

Current guilty pleasure: blogging :)
Current drink: Sangria
Current food: Trader Joe's chocolate chip cookies
Current favorite show: The Vampire Diaries
Current wish list: Ralph Lauren puffer vest!
Current needs: first aid kit and double A batteries
Current triumphs: My tennis team won the championship for the 4th straight year!
Current indulgence: Desperate Housewives
Current slang: Dude
Current outfit: sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirt ...oh yea hurricane!
Current excitement: no classes!
Current mood: productive.

Current link: I just heard about Pop Sugar Must Have Boxes and I can't wait to order one and try it out!


  1. stay safe!! and yes thank the lord for the internet!

  2. Found you on the hop! New follower from http://www.funnypregnantlady.blogspot.com