Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Update!

I know its already mid week but I just got around to writing up this post today. I had such a great time this past weekend! It was family weekend at my school so my parent's came up for after watching my match on Long Island on Saturday. My team won our match 6-3 and my friend and I fought for a great win in our doubles match. We are now 6-0! On top of our great win all of my family came out to support me. It made my day to see them all there.

After my match my parents and I made the long trip back to my school and saw a very funny comedian. His jokes were great and weren't the cliche perv jokes most comedians use; his jokes were funny things about everyday life that the anyone can relate to.

On Sunday we went on a brunch boat cruise on the Hudson River. The view was gorgeous but silly me didn't even think of bringing my camera. Guess I'll have to wait until next year to snap some pretty Hudson River photos. After we went to Marshalls and I bought a new fall jacket that was desperately needed.

I always love spending time with my family and I can't wait to see them again this weekend when we celebrate both of my sisters' birthdays!

My fan club and me after my tennis match! So grateful they all came to cheer me on!

My niece and me at my tennis match. Isn't she just the cutest?!
Me, Dad, and my stepmom after our Hudson River Boat Cruise.

I'm looking forward to another great weekend this week! 

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