Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Seven Wants

I feel pretty guilty talking about the things I want right now after so many people have lost so much after Hurricane Sandy. I'm so blessed that my family, my home, my boat, everything we possess came out of the hurricane without a scratch. 

Before I go into all the things that I want and lust over but don't really need, let me just say that me, my mom, and my sisters just spent hours going through all of our crap in the basement that we no longer use and are bringing it all to donation centers tomorrow. I beg those of you who live in areas that were hurt by Hurricane Sandy to help out anyway you can. Especially if you, your family, and your home are alive and well. If you've been affected please go to donation centers and take advantage of all the help there is.

So now on to my selfish wants.

1. iPhone (which I should be getting tomorrow, pending on this gas crisis)

2. Puffer Vest (the Marshall's by me has these really nice Ralph Lauren one's I've had my eye on)

3. To have a steady non-college student income

4. Combat boots

5. A working vintage film camera, key word working

6. A really pretty case and neat accessories for my new iPhone

7. To be able to order the November and December Pop Sugar Must Have Boxes, but they're all sold out :/

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