Monday, November 5, 2012

It's About Time!


I've had a blackberry since my senior year of high school. 
Correction, many blackberries. 
They all broke. So finally after replacement phone and replacement phone I've gotten rid of my dumb crackberry.

Last November I asked my Verizon store when the next upgrade on our family plan was. And do you know what their answer was? Next November! 

Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to make a whole year with this hanging by a nail blackberry?

Well, a year has finally past! I've made it. And as of 3pm today I became and official member of the iPhone family! I've spent the last 6 hours downloading apps, playing games, and just having fun with my new toy!

I'm in the market for apps! What's your favorite?

Helene in Between


  1. Congrats!! that is soo fun! I HATE blackberrys. My husband has one and I straight up have no idea how to use it!!

    thanks for linking up!

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  3. Hi! Welcome to the iPhone family! Oh boy are you gonna have fun! One app I love is SnapSeed. It is a photo editor that makes your pictures look professionally-edited. I usually edit my pics there and then share them with Instagram.
    Northern Belle Diaries

  4. Hey there! I'm a new follower from tell me about it tuesday link up!
    I actually loved my blackberry, but changed it for an iphone and fell in love with the iphone. Now I have a samsung note and well I LOVE LOVE LOVE the size, it has already shut down on me randomly twice and I've only had it for 3 months now. Terrible. But you'll love the iphone!! So many cool things to do with it. Enjoy!


  5. New follower from the linkup! I have until next August for my upgrade and I want the new iPhone so bad but I refuse to pay full price so Im holding out but it's hard! My favorite Apps is the Maps, the weather and then the typical Facebook and Instagram!

  6. I still haven't gotten on board with smartphones at all! :P I think I'm a little too rough on my phone to trust myself with an expensive one. Computers seem a little sturdier for my internet needs, but I know most people who get an iPhone end up saying that they can't remember how they lived without one!

  7. Hey Jillian. New follower from the link up and can't wait to follow you and get to know you! Aren't new phones the best? What would we do without technology?

  8. so funny, I know phones are so pricy and it's much affordable to wait for an upgrade!

  9. Have fun with your new iphone! I love instagram, like everyone, and there's a really cool one called Sleep Cycle! IT's 99 cents but worth it in my opinion!

  10. Ya gotta get all the social apps, angry birds, Instagram, pandora, and don't forget Pinterest. I was hoping other comments would have more app ideas. Bummer there hasn't been any so far. Esther Norine Designs

  11. Love your blog design. So cute!

  12. Oh yay! Welcome to the family! :) My favorites are the usual .. Facebook Messenger, iBooks!, Instagram, Oh I really like FlipBoard too!

    Thanks for linking up!

  13. I was one of those firm belivers of not owning an iPhone, as to not give into all the hype. But I tell ya, I freaking could not live without it! I am addicted to Instagram (amberxblair) and honestly its makes even just normal conversations easier, by adding photos or copy and pasting things! Everything about the iPhone is amazing!


  14. I love iPhone. I didn't own one until 18 months ago. I don't think I would leave home without it now :-) I am not a big fan of all the apps. I only downloaded the one that I need like skype, yelp and whatsApp