Monday, July 15, 2013

A Late Weekend Update

Instead of telling you about this past weekend that just ended I'm about to you all about my really long holiday weekend last week because I'm a little very behind on these posts. Ooops 

On Wednesday night I headed over to the beach, where I stayed until Monday morning. All of my days were filled with sun, beach, BBQ, fireworks, and Heineken.

On Friday night Tim the Guitar Man played and my friend "R" came over to listen to the music and show off his moves.
Tim the Guitar Man
"R" and I

On Sunday night my Dad and I found a little grasshopper friend who ended up being an excellent model. Our little friend was voguing it up and so cooperative.

On Monday morning I happened to wake up weirdly early so I snapped some pictures of the sunrise.

This mini week in the sun was such a nice break from reality. There's nothing better than the boat rocking at night and the salty beach air.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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  1. Hello Jillian! I just happened across your blog from the Craftaholics Anonymous gift exchange linky party!

    It's always fun when I find a fellow college-aged blogger. Not that I dont enjoy the older bloggers and in fact look up to them, but its nice to find someone I relate with a little more!!

    I was reading through some of your posts and when I got to this one, I decided to say hi. :) Also, I wanted to let you know that your little "grasshopper friend" is in fact a preying mantis! A baby one, judging by the size.