Friday, July 19, 2013

The Tiny Bedroom Project

This past week my mom informed me that I would have to switch rooms with my little sister. For three years my sister (a soon to be high school senior) has been living in a bedroom the same size of my mom's closet while my other sister and I have been away at school and only home during the holidays and summer.

I first want to say that I see how unfair this is and if I was in her shoes I would be pissed. But, this is my blog and if I can't complain about this sucky room switch arrangement here, then where can I complain? Am I right, or am I right?

I am someone who does not like change at all! In fact, I hate change. I am also sentimental and do no want to let go of my room. My room has more wall space than her and is the only bedroom in the house with two ceiling fans, a view of the backyard and pool, and three windows. I'm not ready to give up any of that! Not to mention I can fit two dressers and a huge desk in my current room. None of that will fit in the new room which means I have to get rid of a lot of stuff or box it up an ship it on up to the attic.

I realize the right thing to do is switch rooms considering I only have one more year of college left and plan to move out after I graduate, pending I find a job. And that's what sucks. I can't put up a fight and try to keep my room cause this switch is only fair and should have been done when I left for college.

The one upside to this is that I can do whatever I want with my new room. New furniture, new color, and possibly a new tv :) And you can bet your bottom dollar that I went to Pinterest on ideas for what I am going to do with this small space.

Here are some of the cool ideas I've found for the room:


You can also follow my Pinterest board for this project here! And check back here to follow my journey to my new room!


  1. I only have one daughter, and she's grown, so I guess she never had to deal with this! Growing up I always shared a room, but miss that so idk. But, i love that drawer for the books! Pinned it:) I posted anchor dress to the party.

  2. I love the top right room. It's perfect for blogging! :)


  3. When I was still living at home I had to switch from a huge room to a much smaller one, I thought I'd absolutely hate it but once I had it all decorated and got my new furniture in there I ended up really liking it! If you try and keep positive you'll be fine :) It might be a good reason to de-clutter and get rid of anything you're hanging onto for the sake of it, then when you're in your new room it will all be lovely and new. Love the shelving/seat unit, I bet there's loads of cute stuff like that you can get for a small room. Good luck! x