Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Barthelona!

Country numero cuatro this past spring was Spain. I loved this trip especially because it was just my sister and me. We left all our friends back in good old London. It was nice to get away and do a sister trip. 

I was really excited to go do Barcelona to put my Spanish skills to use. Unfortunately everyone there spoke English and could tell that I am not Spanish so they would start off say "hello" to me before I could say "hola". 

It was such a great trip in a beautiful city! Here are some photos from our weekend in Spain:

The hostel we stayed in. Isn't it cute?!?

The yard at our hostel

Me and the Mediterranean

Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia

The 1992 Olympic Stadium! I may have gotten teary-eyed while in the stadium.
(Fun fact: The 1992 Barcelona Summer Games happened at the same time I was born)

I loved all of the boats in Barcelona. So pretty!

Happy Tuesday everybody!

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