Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Photos from my Weekend in Paris

Back in February my friends and I took the Eurostar over to Paris for the weekend. Not to sound like a brat or and ungrateful beotch but even though I did enjoy Paris I can say that is was my least favorite trip. Probably because it was snowing and freezing the entire weekend and I looked like this:

Attractive, I know.

Getting touched up before Eiffel Tower pictures.

The Eiffel Tower, obvs

Ms. Mona Lisa in all her glory.

From Mona's point of view.

The five flights of stairs we had to walk up to the flat we rented.

Moulin Rouge

The two Arc de Triumphs

Notre Dame

We randomly came across this adorable little building.

A cute church and garden we came across.

Love lock bridge

Au revoir.

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